Mountains 2 Sea

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Organization Mission
Nature provides a remarkable catalyst for personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we use outdoor adventure learning to help underserved youth achieve their potential. In the mountains and on the sea, participants develop a strong foundation for health, increase their well-being, expand their environmental awareness, and gain practical life skills.

Mountains 2 Sea partners with schools to provide youth with weekly outings that focus on leadership skills, goal setting, personal reflection, social-emotional development, and the human impact on our environment. There are 30 adventure outings per school year for every youth we serve.

The Big Idea:
Climb to New Heights and Sail into the Future!
Mountains 2 Sea works closely with the alternative education departments of the City of Santa Cruz School District and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. We will select 40 students to receive a full, transformative experience, with your support.

The districts are able to fund a small portion of the cost of our services, and we are asking donors to help fill the gap by providing scholarship funds for students to underwrite two of the essential outdoor experiences:

• Six annual sailing outings on the Nomad sailboat out of Santa Cruz Harbor

• Three rock climbing opportunities at nearby state parks and at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

Sailing provides an opportunity to learn to prepare and secure the sailing vessel, as well as whale watching and shark sighting, gathering water samples for scientific testing, and ocean safety. Leadership and communication are especially important when sailing as a group and students learn these skills in a fun and exciting environment on the sea.

Climbing outings include safety and belay certification, climbing skills classes, and an outdoor climb in Castle Rock State Park where students practice what they learned in the gym. Rock climbing teaches the youth how to support each other and safely stretch their boundaries.


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