Ciggy Board Brigade — The Year in Review

“…a good filmmaker looks for the story after the shooting while a bad one goes in with a point to prove. So the more honest the filmmaker, the longer it takes” (Miyamoto Musashi, Documentary Filmmaker)


We have hit the 2.5 year mark since our filming began! It seems that us Ciggy Board Boys were a bit naive in estimating how long it would take to make this film. Alas, the project keeps moving forward, with so many new and exciting developments. We have a much greater understanding of the global issues that face our oceans and what surfers are doing to protect the future of our planet, from land to sea. With a few more trips on the horizon and lots of editing time through the winter months… we can see the light at the end of a long and life-changing journey.


A whole lot has happened since our last update; so what the heck have we been doing in 2019?

Update Photo1

Please click here to read our full year in review, or open the attached PDF. Thanks for all your ongoing support.


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