A Community of Wellness

We are Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab, an integrative health and wellness center providing 15+ services for injury rehabilitation, athletic performance, surgery alternatives, general fitness, and much more. When we first opened our doors 11 years ago, we had a vision: to help as many people as possible reach their optimal health.

These last few weeks have been hard for everybody, especially for small local businesses like ours. So we took some time to collect, breathe, and reflect.

We want to go back to our WHY.

We had to reflect on why we started our business in the first place. Our mission is to help people. That’s what we’re here to do, to make a healthier, more functional community.

People are freaked out, and it’s understandable. There is so much uncertainty, our resources as small businesses are limited, we are all facing similar challenges. 

So, What Can We Do to Help?

If people are healthy, they are going to be 50% less likely to be susceptible to disease. Stress and inactivity weaken the immune system. What helps people get healthy? Exercise and meditation to de-stress and strengthen the body. We want to do our part.


Pay What You Can

We also understand that there are lots of folks out there with decreased working hours, or without a job at all.

We want to contribute, both locally and nation-wide, by providing FREE live-streamed fitness and meditation sessions daily. We are also providing donation-based 1-on-1 virtual personal training. So, if you’ve never worked with a trainer, now’s the time to reach out. We are ready to serve.

We’re not sure how long we can support this model, but we are going to provide these pay-what-you-can services for as long as possible. We REFUSE to turn people away just because they can’t spare their resources.

We also acknowledge that the working population isn’t the only group affected by Shelter in Place ordinances. Schools across the nation have closed indefinitely, leaving kids without structured physical education. We are streaming all ages, kid-friendly workouts every day from our studio.* Pay what you can, and tune in for a fun, creative way to exercise at home with the kids.

YOU Can Help Us Make A Difference

If we can get our community–our nation–healthier, we can all get back to work sooner and come out of this challenging time stronger and more unified than ever before.

But we need your help. Share, educate, and spread the word!

Are you ready?

Let’s revolutionize healthcare.




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