Given recent crowding in recreational spaces, our Santa Cruz County Health Officer has closed beaches and parks through April 15. This countywide order supports the need to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus and maintain physical distancing.



Our City of Santa Cruz, the City of Capitola and Santa Cruz County join together in acknowledging the challenges of sheltering in place with fewer outdoor options. We encourage everyone—locals and visitors—to stay as close to home as possible despite the temptations of adventure from one end of our County to the other.



The County order prohibits surfing right now. It includes closure of West Cliff bike/pedestrian path and Santa Cruz Riverwalk which are both parks. The order also impacts trails, dog parks, skate parks, disc golf courses, and basketball, tennis, pickleball or other recreational courts. Playground equipment was closed by a prior order.



It is challenging without these options for recreation, adventure and natural beauty. Still, the many amazing wonders and diverse destinations throughout our County will be there when we emerge on the other side of this temporary health order.



Meantime, we all have life-saving roles to play to prevent the spread of this virus by sheltering in place and staying as close to home as possible for essential trips. Thank you for joining in this unprecedented countywide effort to flatten the curve and save lives.

Our City of Santa Cruz website offers many options to help. Check out our Virtual Recreation page with activities for all ages.

For more resources, updates and information in response to COVID-19, please visit





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