Essential Workers Honored During National Public Works Week

Our Santa Cruz City Council has proclaimed May 17-23 as National Public Works Week in honor of the professionals who work to maintain and improve the quality of life in Santa Cruz and keep essential services running during these challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and always.


Public Works sanitation crews have continued their normal schedule during the pandemic collecting and processing hundreds of tons of recycling, refuse and organic material each week.


Public Works engineers are managing construction of Rail Trail Segment 7/Phase I during the pandemic with 1700 feet of trail now paved. Their work on many other major construction projects continues as well.


Public Works Environmental Compliance staff are participating in the national COVID 19 Sewage Testing Program organized by Biobot. The project is collecting samples from 400 wastewater facilities throughout the U.S. with plans to use the data to help manage the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Public Works wastewater treatment  crews work around the clock to process 7 million gallons of wastewater each day and maintain 160 miles of our sewers, 29 pump stations, and more.


Public Works Streets crews paint curbs, fill potholes, install road signs, and help to address needs related to our unsheltered population while Parking Services staff clean our downtown sidewalks, alleys and restrooms and manage parking programs.

Public Works services are provided through the efforts of many other staff across five divisions—all of whom continue to serve the community during the coronavirus outbreak.


Please join us in celebrating National Public Works Week by viewing a tribute to our team from Vice Mayor Donna Meyers in English or Spanish.


Happy National Public Works Week!

More information on our Public Works Department and services can be found at


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