Splash into summer with World Ocean Day & SOS Ocean Week!!!

We hope you can join us!
Beginning with a fun lineup of family-friendly virtual events on World Oceans Day (Monday, June 8), Save Our Shores’ Oceans Week will promote the ongoing ocean awareness and advocacy that’s crucial—especially during times of crisis. Click on buttons below for details and tickets! Bookmark our events calendar for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: Most events have a sliding scale ($0-$25) ticket/donation to help support our ongoing work during these challenging times. That said, we understand that many are facing financial hardship now and want everyone to feel welcome attending whether they are able to donate at this time or not. Our June 12th screening of the newly released Australian film 2040: Join the Regeneration and the followup Q&A focusing on hope for our future has a set $12 ticket. Proceeds for this event will benefit the filmmaker of this inspiring film and Save Our Shores.



An inspiring film for families, communities, and leaders ready to grow the movement for a just, sustainable, happy future…

Award-winning director Damon Gameau’s docu-story, 2040: Join the Regeneration, highlights his fears for his 4-year-old daughter Velvet’s future and his search for existing solutions that can help communities become more resilient in the face of worsening climate conditions while regenerating the ecosystems that make life on Earth possible. The fun info-animations and interspersed videos of children sharing their hopes for the future make this film a good conversation starter for families.

Once you purchase a $12 ticket, a link will be provided to view the film anytime within the 48 hour window leading up to our Q&A which will be held at 6pm PST on June 12th. Full list of Q&A panelists coming soon!
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