Tour the Recycling Center with Mav’Riks and Friends Online!


Although COVID-19 has halted in-person visits to our Recycling Center, you can now experience an entertaining and close-up tour online. Led by Santa Cruz Warriors mascot Mav’Riks and four animated characters, our 6-minute video reveals the ins and outs of the multifaceted recycling process at



The video follows Can, Box, Jug and Bottle from a blue recycle bin as they travel up the coast to the Dimeo Lane facility with an entire truckload of recyclables.


As all are sorted and processed for recycling there where eddy currents send aluminum cans flying through the air.


An intricate V-screen contraption separates 2-D and 3-D items, and a giant magnet dramatically pulls out the metal-heads. Mav’Riks rescues a hose from the recycling pile where it is destined to become tangled in the center’s equipment with potential harm to processing and workers.


The animated Box character is eventually baled and sent off for recycling, “Gosh, I wonder what I’m going to get turned into next. I hope it’s something cool, like maybe one of those cardboard cat scratchers or VR goggles or maybe a shoe box.”


A 60-second version of the video stands alone with focus on recycling contamination — the biggest industry problem nationwide. “People need to remember that things with food left on them, need to go in the trash,” says Bottle.


Come take a virtual tour of our Recycling Center with Mav and his friends—it will be fun and educational for the entire family!

Both the short and long videos can be viewed in English and Spanish at

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