Climate Change & Our Ocean

Gary Griggs, PhD, Raphe Kudela, PhD, and Nate Mantua, PhD, will speak and
answer your questions on how climate change affects sea level rise and coastal
erosion, critical issues Santa Cruz will have to confront in the near future. We
know the warming ocean affects our climate and weather as well as sea life; we
need help understanding these factors to enable us to write policies to protect
our ocean and our shoreline.

Speakers: Gary Griggs, PhD, is well known in Santa Cruz for his studies, speaking, and Sentinel column focusing on our coastal zone’s evolution and development, particularly as it is affected by sea level rise. He’s best known for his research here on the impacts of coastal protection structures like seawalls, jetties, and breakwaters, how extreme weather events like El Nino affect our coastline, and how best to craft policies to take these impacts into account.

Raphe Kudela, PhD, is a phytoplankton ecologist at UCSC studying the distribution of phytoplankton in the Eastern Pacific, and more particularly has been involved in exploring the causes and extent of the recent toxic red algae blooms in Monterey Bay.

Nate Mantua, PhD, leads the Salmon Ecology Team at NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in Santa Cruz. He grew up in Bodega Bay, and his research interests are climate variability and predictability in the study of fish habitats, like those of salmon, and how this knowledge can be applied to resource management.

Send in questions ahead of time via email and social media, or just wait for the Q&A at the end.

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