Santa Cruz Waves 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Local for the Holidays

By Tyler Fox

I’m not a big shopper. Big stores with a labyrinth of aisles packed to the gills give me anxiety. It’s like I’m trapped under a huge wave, unable to get to the surface. Instead of whitewater and turbulence, it’s oversized shopping carts and lines of bodies preventing my oxygen intake. Add on a deadly virus and it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing the convenience of the computer to do their shopping.

The only caveat here is that, most times, these mega companies win our attention online, preventing any sort of stimulus from going back into our local economy. And if you do manage to bob and weave your way through all the big-box bullies online, the price of that super sweet local gift may shock you. Hey, I get it, times are tough and I too have succumbed to the Amazon stranglehold of cheap and convenient. But it’s imperative we hold our ground this holiday season. Be a champion for your community. Even if it’s purchasing just a single quality local product, service or experience, you’ll be instilling some much-needed life blood back into our tenacious little town. These businesses have been super creative and many offer curbside pick-up, free local delivery and have added a multitude of new safety measures.

Santa Cruz County businesses have gone through so much this past year and their resilience and creativity has been nothing short of amazing. So if you’ve yet to do your holiday shopping, please don’t procrastinate. Shopping early is especially important this season and will help prevent those last-minute bottlenecks and delays for our local vendors. If you’re still stumped on what to get or where to go, don’t fret. Keeping scrolling below to get the ideas percolating!


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