BEHIND THE LENS | Jodi Frediani

Whale Tales Award-winning nature photographer Jodi Frediani shares stories of underwater adventure  By J.D. Ramey When Jodi Frediani says, “Whales have taken me around the world,” she’s not just spouting off. The Monterey Bay-based nature photographer has captured unforgettable images of these stunning creatures in regions like Africa, Thailand, Antarctica, Argentina, Brazil, Norway, the Caribbean […]

Are Whales Struggling to find food in the Monterey Bay?

During the summer, humpback whales feeding exceptionally close to shore gave cliff-side spectators some amazing shows, often not much further away than a stone’s throw. There was vertical lunge feeding, whale calves no bigger than a Buick, and even a few tense moments for kayakers getting just a bit too close. There were a string […]

Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: How healthy is the Monterey Bay Sanctuary?

  By Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard As a prerequisite for an upcoming review of its activities and regulations, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s staff has completed a “condition report” which paints perhaps its most positive portrait since the 1992 designation of the 6,049-square-mile area. The sanctuary features a deep underwater canyon and spans coastal […]

Warmer water temperatures bring southern species

By Samantha Clark, Santa Cruz Sentinel SANTA CRUZ >> More dolphins, humpback whales and fishes, which normally frequent warmer waters, have been swimming in the Monterey Bay. And now a handful of spiky southern sea urchins rarely seen in the waters off Northern California have joined the party. Scientists, however, are concerned about the effects […]