How to relieve Insomnia

By Jaimi Jansen    Insomnia is a frustrating condition that affects millions of Americans on a nightly basis, but there are some things you can do combat insomnia in order to get a restful night’s sleep.  Insomnia can be classified as either acute, meaning that it happens short-term and usually lasts anywhere from a few […]

Benefits of a High Fiber Breakfast

By Jaimi Jansen Eating a high fiber breakfast cereal or other high fiber breakfast has significant health benefits, when compared to eating a lower fiber breakfast. Fiber helps the body stay fuller longer and helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, eating a high fiber diet is a useful tool for weight-loss […]

Avoiding Common Push Up Mistakes

By Jaimi Jansen Push-ups are a great and simple full body workout, but even a simple exercise still has room for error. Here are the top five common push-up mistakes you are probably making: You’re not keeping your back straight: If your back is bowing in one direction or the other, or your butt is […]

How to have a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

By Jaimi Jansen, Owner, CORE Pro-Elite Trainer, Nutritionist Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab Being a Healthy Vegetarian The biggest challenge to being a vegetarian is getting enough protein. It is easy to find ample fat and carbohydrate in typical vegetarian fare. However, protein is more elusive when avoiding protein rich animal meat. Success starts […]

10 Benefits of Getting 8 Hours of Sleep

By Jaimi Jansen As we grow older, our lives become more and more infested with responsibility and stress, making sleep the holy remedy for maintaining health. Sleep is a big part of being healthy, in fact it has been said that exercise, nutrition, and sleep are the three main components of health. Yet it seems […]

22 Benefits of Salt you never knew

By Jaimi Jansen CEO/Owner/Core Pro-Elite Trainer, Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab What is a Salt? When thinking about the roles of salt in the human body, it is important to recognize what a ‘salt’ actually is and how salts are part of biological function. A salt is defined in chemistry as a compound that […]

Turn Working in to a Workout

By Jaimi Jansen, CORE Pro-Elite Trainer Having a daily minimum of aerobic physical activity is imperative for good cardiovascular health and good overall circulation as it relates to blood pressure. Physical activity that stimulates heart rate and increases circulation is considered a form of aerobic activity. Aerobic activity increases your oxygen consumption for the production […]

3 Simple Tips to Eating Healthy

By Jaimi Jansen Healthy eating doesn’t need to be difficult – in fact, the simpler you make it the more likely you are to stick with it! Often times it is the complexity and restrictions of self-imposed diets that make them so hard to maintain. When thinking of healthy eating choices, try to think of […]

6 Tools to Keep Your Fitness On Track

By Jaimi Jansen “I want to lose weight but I am not motivated. I want to get in better shape but after about a week of getting to the gym everyday I lose my desire and go back to getting to bed early so I could wake up early…”  It has all been said or […]

5 Foods You Should Be Eating Daily

By Jaimi Jansen We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” often oblivious to the true weight behind those words. It is true, certain foods (like apples) are nature’s medicine and their daily consumption affect our bodies in positive ways. An apple, for example, contains antioxidant properties equal to 1,500 […]