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  1. Hello…..I’m looking for awesome photos, tips, stories, hot location news/lists, history and more about surfing in Santa Cruz county. We are creating a Yearbook collector’s style publication that will be delivered to all the homes and businesses in the county! Spread the news!!! If you or someone you know want to be included (no cost to you/them) let me know……David 831-620-2845

  2. pretty good week of surf for santa cruz, where the surf is typically marginal, like the surfers. When you get a chance come on down to Huntington beach (The original and official Surf City) and we will show you how to surf some truly big waves.Best wishes. We both know it’s so!

    Why dont you have any cameras on the decent spots (PP sucks! …mushing weak and slow, sorry just being honest)

  3. Huntington has dirty water, marginal surf: except the Huntington hop!!!!!
    Santa cruz has hundreds of surf spots in the entire county and waves of consequence. Like P.T. said back in the Bud Pro Days: You have to be a real man to surf Steamer Lane. The real Surf City

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